Whether you’re a small or large corporate, eRecure provides a wide range of services from secure data destruction to certified computers recycling. Changing landscape of environmentally conscious business affects organizations. We provide solutions that follow the guidelines set forth by the EPA. Through our network of connections, we provide robust ICT Procurement and ensure consistent technology services nationally.

eRecure offers comprehensive end-to-end Information Technology services ranging from relocation, installation, hardware refreshes, data sanitization, disposals with peace of mind.

Social and Environmental Impact

Our team’s mission merges social consciousness with eco-friendliness as it repurposes technology for underserved communities. Each donation means less toxic e-waste in landfills, while lifting up those in need by providing opportunities to search for work.

We started teaching in need adults, to disassemble electronic waste, such as those generated by county government operations, for recycling. We will collect outdated and unneeded electronic equipment accumulated by clients and which by law is banned from disposal (landfill). We arrange to periodically haul outdated equipment to our warehouse, which will recycle the accumulated equipment at virtually no cost to the client. It is the first organization to educate, train and employ developmentally challenged adults in the business of electronic waste and to properly dismantle and recycle unwanted electronic equipment and devices.

We love serving this caring, vibrant, community we call the family. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive regardless of income bracket. We provide over hundred low-income families, individuals and students with affordable laptops and computers, which would otherwise be out of reach.

Our clients make preference with solid confidence and assurance. The evaluation team delivers reliable base line for your end of life or lease IT hardware recycling project. Prior commencing, we always provide thorough onsite or on-call range of options to assist dealing with your electronic waste and recovering the best. eRecure collects and handles the equipment nationwide. The EOL IT assets are removed from client desks and securely packed for safe transit. Premium packing material and techniques are used so every item is safe and sound while transportation. Items are loaded onto our customized trolleys, minimizing the overall time we spend at your premises. Once collected your assets we are solely responsible for protecting hardware and the confidential data inside hard drives. To assist our clients, we collect the IT equipment, store and hold onto it. This helps them getting rid of electronic waste in timely manner and get recycling process done later. Upon further instructions from clients the gear is inspected and digitally entered into our secured online tracking portal, creating orders and packing accordingly.

Clients modify and customize IT hardware decommission service according to their easiness and comfort. Our trained and dedicated staff securely shut down, prepare your ICT systems for cycling and disposal. Ask our staff for various recycling options.

Our established new technology supported and modern warehouses are working on filing, scanning and checking items electronically into our patented online system ePortal: (eRecure Asset Tracking and Warehousing System). Any Serial numbers, asset tags and other stickers from client are removed and destroyed in order to secure the origin of the items. New Individual barcode labels are generated and attached to manage each unit for further processing. Secured online ePortal system enables client to track the whole process and access reports round the clock. Securely managing your confidential data and information on the hard drives throughout its lifecycle, is key to ensuring your information is destroyed responsibly. eRecure revolutionized the HDD data destruction industry with enhanced tracking capabilities throughout the process and offers a variety of secure data destruction services to help you properly destroy obsolete and sensitive information. Dry erasure of HDD is applied with R2 RIOS/ISO 9001 certified and up-to-date software Blancco & ZeroData comprising 5-pass, 7-pass, DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 Revision 1 wipe pattern. Shredding and drilling carries out Physical Destruction of HDD and other storage devices to federal government security standards and an itemized Certificate of Destruction is provided. Value recovery is a key component of our e-Cycle management. The gear deemed to be not working in their present form are data-wiped, dismantled and recycled in environment friendly manner being guaranteed strict adherence to zero-to-landfill.

eRecure is professional, knowledgeable and motivated corporate. Our team works hard to sustain our community by getting involved and giving back. Through our worldwide network of offices and partners, we provide robust ICT procurement and ensure consistent technology services globally. Our services and network will continue to grow to provide further convenience and a one-stop shop solution for our clients worldwide. As a responsible and experienced vendor with facilities and systems to meet environmental, safety and security needs, we provide accountability and control of the entire disposal and recycling process ultimately mitigating liability and providing peace of mind to our clients nationwide. We recognize the urgent needs of saving environment in our facility with advanced technologies and applications under Government guidelines. We understand every organization has different needs when dealing with e-waste.

eRecure is dedicated to staying up to date on the leading edge of a rapidly evolving industry. Our mission is to benefit and inspire others to be socially responsible in the disposal of electronic waste. Our business solutions help companies who need to respond to the challenge of planning and delivering IT products recycling in a complex and changing business environment. Working with teams in both IT and business departments, we can deliver the best outcome for our clients. We do this by identifying the most important business outcome we need to deliver, then by helping to design the programs of work that will impact of processes, people and technology. eRecure is dedicated to staying up to date on the leading edge of a rapidly evolving industry. Our mission is to benefit and inspire others to be socially responsible in the disposal of electronic waste. We help companies who need to respond to the challenge of planning and delivering IT products recycling in a complex and changing business environment.

eRecure provides recycling of e-waste and redundant IT assets free nationwide. We are experts in Computer Recycling and Secure IT Asset Disposal. We recycle computers, all forms of IT equipment, regardless of age specification or condition and work to prevent e-waste from entering landfill. We re-use as much of the materials donated or disposed as possible in our endeavor to support people. eRecure completely owns contributions towards tendered products and services. We take full ownership of the entire collection, data erasing and recycling process guaranteeing responsive service and communication. As a part of eRecure environmental commitment, we are helping to recycle electronic waste through our Recycle and Reward Program.

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